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Cypress Mountain


Exceptional views of Western Vancouver and the Salish Sea.

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Climb Summary

Cycling Cypress Mountain -- Cypress Bowl Road.

Ride 10.5 kilometers gaining 668 meters at 6.4% average grade.

Cypress Road is the little brother for climb, and big sister for view, of the Seymour Hill Climb which is 21 km/13 miles south of Cypress Road.  

The views to the south, of western Vancouver and the Salish Sea along the first 4 km/2.5 miles of this climb are breathtaking.  A testament to the extraordinary views from this venue is Barrett’s View (also known as High View Lookout), a large paved turn-out and viewpoint just before the second of four hairpins leading to the top of the climb (at km 4/mile 2.4). As we see from the photos below, this is the spot to get great views of the Vancouver/Salish Sea/Vancouver Island!

Barrett’s View, kilometer 4 of climb.

At several spots along the first segment of the climb we have extraordinary views of the many merchant and oil ships moored or moving about the bay.  But for the exceptional views of the Vancouver area from Cypress Bowl Road, the Cypress and Seymour climbs are very similar and as indicated above, are only 21km/13 miles from each other.

The road is bordered by thick forest as we climb.

We finish the climb at the Cypress Mountain Ski Resort.

One of our all-time favorite signs . . .

Roadway Surface and Traffic Report:  As with Seymour Mountain, Cypress Mountain and Cypress Bowl Road are both in excellent condition with little traffic, and offering a fairly steady 6.5% average graded.​

Cypress Mountain is the last of three climbs near Vancouver that are included in the annual Triple Crown for Heart cycling event (50 miles gaining 7,390’).  Also included are Mount Seymour as the first climb and Grouse Mountain in the middle.


Triple Crown for Heart elevation profile.