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Mount Seymour


Beautiful views of Vancouver and Mt. Baker on this climb

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Climb Summary

Mt. Baker, WA from plane on approach to Vancouver International Airport.

Mt. Baker bike climb is approximately 90 miles from the Mount Seymour bike climb.

Mt. Baker through the haze; view southeast from top section of bike climb.

Cycling Mount Seymour.

Ride 12.2 kilometers gaining 893 meters at 7.3% average grade.

This is a very popular climb and during our June 30, 2016 Thursday afternoon climb we encountered many road cyclists (and saw many mountain bikers either entering, leaving or congregating at trailheads). The climb begins on Seymour Mountain Road, adjacent to the entrance to Mount Seymour Provincial Park.

The roadway is tightly bordered by tall and lush western red cedar (and to a lesser degree Douglas fir) trees for the majority of the climb.  In quintessential Pacific Northwest forest fashion, what we lose in distant views, we gain in the calm serenity of a wonderful climb through thick forest.  

It is a serene climb . . . in spite of . . .


. . . the foreboding signs . . .

. . . 😨

Much of the bottom portion of the climb includes a smattering of wildflowers and a fern groundcover throughout the forest on either side of the roadway.  

At a couple of spots up the climb we have excellent views of the Indian Arm of the Salish Sea, and the northern portion of Vancouver/North Vancouver, on up to the snow-capped peaks of the Pacific Range Mountains.

Mt. Seymour Resort is at the top of the climb, which appears closed during the summer months.  At the top we have excellent views of Pacific Mountain Range to the north and northeast.  

Beware that this area does receive a fair amount of snow during the winter (annual 1,200 cm/472” average), so plan your trip accordingly.

Roadway surface and Traffic Report: The roadway is excellent and while there is no shoulder to speak of, traffic is quite light.  This is a safe and peaceful climb.  

Descent:  The descent on Seymour Mountain is magnificent – smooth gently curving road with a fairly steady 6-8% grade throughout.

This is a must-do ride for any climbing enthusiasts who live in or visit the Vancouver area.

Seymour Mountain is the first of three climbs near Vancouver that are included in the annual Triple Crown for Heart cycling event (50 miles gaining 7,390’).  Also included are Grouse Mountain (middle climb) and Cypress Mountain as the last.


Triple Crown for Heart elevation profile.