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Sierra Road


Steepest climb in Silicon Valley-San Jose area.

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Climb Summary

Bike ride up Sierra Road San Jose, roadway, trees, steep drop - aerial drone photo

Cycling Sierra Road - the steepest bike climb in the San Jose area

Ride 3.7 miles to 2,037’ gaining 1,841’ at 9.5% average grade.

Aerial drone photo of Sierra Road (right-center) and Calaveras Reservoir (upper left)

Sierra Road is a Beast - One of the steepest climbs in Santa Clara County.  The climb hits you right at the start - 10.2% for the first half mile to the sharp left hand turn.  

Riding bike up Sierra Road  - view of start and road - PJAMM Cycling cyclist on bike

Climb start.

     Climbing Sierra Road by bike - turkey in roadway

Yes - this climb is “foul” - I did slow for the turkey crossing however . . .

This is the last of 3 major climb  segments of the popular, but brutal, Devil Mountain Double which is held in April each year and hits you at mile 160 of that ride - ouch!  There are excellent views of the Silicon Valley to the west as we ascend and there is a nice open space view area at the top.  

Cycling Sierra Road - cyclist coming over rise between trees

Just finishing the steepest ½ mile segment

Photo at mile 1.8 - steepest ½ mile segment begins mile 1.3.

Roadway Surface and Traffic - the roadway is in excellent condition and there is very little traffic on the roadway as it enters open space area around mile 1.5.

Bike ride of Sierra Road - aerial drone photo of road and fields

Sierra Road bottom-center to upper left-center of photo.

Bicycle climb of Sierra Road - roadway to finish of climb - aerial drone photo

Last segment of Sierra Road

Hamilton Observatories upper right

Climbing Sierra Road by bike - view west from the top - roadway and city below

View west at the top.

Hiking trail at the finish.

Bicycle ride Sierra Road - Sierra Vista Open Space Reserve sign - Mt Hamilton and Lick observatory in background

Sierra Open Space Preserve parking lot and sign at top of climb.

Mt. Hamilton’s Lick Observatory - background left of sign.


Sierra road was the most consistently included climb during the early years of the Tour of California, having been included 5 straight years from 2007-2011.  However, the Tour has not returned to this difficult brief climb since 2011.

  • 2007  Stage 3:
  • Queen stage - Stockton > San Jose
  • 103 miles, 8,039’
  • Stage winner Jens Voigt (GER)
  • 2008 Stage 3
  • Queen stage - Modesto > San Jose
  • 103 miles, 8,039’
  • Robert Gesink (NED)
  • 2009 Stage 3
  • 2010 Stage 4
  • 2011 Stage 4 - Mountain-top finish

Mountain-top finish 2011