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Black-Gist Roads


Turn left onto Gist Road 1.85 miles up - double digit grade for the next 1.2 miles from there!

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Climb Summary

Climb Summary

The Black-Gist Road Route is a short but deadly climb that begins across Hwy 17 from the Lexington Reservoir.The first 1.8 miles to the fork at Gist and Black Roads is 1.8 miles at 8.5% and the remaining 1.3 miles to the top of Gist and its intersection with Skyline Blvd (Hwy 35) is 10%.  We are surrounded and covered by trees almost the entire climb.

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A spectacular climbing day:  Black - Gist - Thompson - Montevina - Soda Springs Roads (
Map) - essentially no traffic and peaceful riding/climbing for 41 miles, gaining nearly 8,000'.  ​

​Roadway Surface / Traffic:  This 2 lane road is in good shape with mild traffic the entire climb - this is a safe climb.​