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Prepare for the Hardest Cycling Climbs in the World

The allure of the world’s toughest bike climbs is that they require unmatched physical and mental fortitude. Professional cyclists (and amateurs) are always on the lookout for legendary roads and mountains around the world, most known for their challenge, difficulty, and the sheer exhilarating experience. From the peaks of the Alps to the deserts of California, we have collected detailed information on the most challenging bike climbs in the world.

Above you can search 1,600+ of the toughest climbs in the world. Filter search by fiets index, distance, average gradient, and elevation to find the next brutal ascent to conquer. Once you have found your next challenge, visit the climb page to view route info, weather forecast, street views, photo galleries, and a complete route summary written by our team - a team who has lived the experience of biking these tough trails.

The resources for cyclists don’t stop there. Want to read about cycling? Check out our book list. We've documented climbs from some of the most popular cycling literature out there.


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Top 10 climbs

#1 - Mauna Kea - Hawaii, USA

Distance: 42.6 mi
Elev. Gained: 13,863 ft
Peak Elev.: 13,842 ft
Avg. Grade: 6.1%

With the highest Fiets Index in the world, Mauna Kea is a colossal, nearly impossible ascent. While the climb itself is intimidating, cyclists must be mentally and physically prepared for dynamic weather conditions, altitude sickness, and varying terrain on one of the longest climbs in the world.

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#2 - Wuling Pass North - Taiwan

Distance: 14.8 mi
Elev. Gained: 7,855 ft
Peak Elev.: 10,746 ft
Avg. Grade: 9.8%

The greatest climb in all of Asia - one approach offers the second longest bike climb in the world and another approach is the second most difficult cycling route on earth.

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#3 - La Muerte - Ecuador

Distance: 45.1 mi
Elev. Gained: 14,670 ft
Peak Elev.: 13,595 ft
Avg. Grade: 5.4%

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#4 - Scanuppia - Italy

Distance: 4.5 mi
Elev. Gained: 4,196 ft
Peak Elev.: 4,865 ft
Avg. Grade: 17.8%

Even the fittest cyclist will struggle to conquer the steepest climb in Europe. Located in the Italian Alps, this merciless ascent also offers one of the most scenic bike climbs in the world.

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#5 - Death Road - Bolivia

Distance: 38.7 mi
Elev. Gained: 11,640 ft
Peak Elev.: 15,204 ft
Avg. Grade: 5.5%

Coming in at #5 is our personal most epic bike climb in the world. An extremely hazardous road along precarious cliffs, Death Road cuts through a lush jungle landscape making for an extraordinary cycling experience.

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#6 - Alpe Fuori - Italy

Distance: 7.3 mi
Elev. Gained: 5,209 ft
Peak Elev.: 6,139 ft
Avg. Grade: 13.7%

Bring your climbing legs and a gravel bike to overcome one of the toughest climbs on the planet. Located in the Pennine Alps, Alpe Fuori is one of the most scenic bike rides in Italy.

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#7 - Pico de Veleta - Spain

Distance: 19.4 mi
Elev. Gained: 7,819 ft
Peak Elev.: 10,975 ft
Avg. Grade: 7.6%

Spain's most difficult bike ride comes in at #7 on our list. Traveling along the highest paved road in Europe makes Pico de Veleta the highest cycling climb on the continent and a bucket list climb for any cyclist.

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#8 - Rila - Bulgaria

Distance: 9.4 mi
Elev. Gained: 5,591 ft
Peak Elev.: 8,310 ft
Avg. Grade: 11.2%

The climb is hard, steep, and the surface is challenging. The changing scenery as you go up is beautiful, the Rila mountains are stunning. This climb is a rewarding experience that we highly recommend if you enjoy a healthy dose of suffering on a bike.

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#9 - Breithorn - Switzerland

Distance: 8.5 mi
Elev. Gained: 5,279 ft
Peak Elev.: 8,083 ft
Avg. Grade: 11.6%

This climb gets its name from Breithorn Mountain, Switzerland. As one may expect from a top world climb, this one is brutal at a mere 13.7 km but gaining an unbelievable 1,700 m with one kilometer segment at 18.3%!

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#10 - Mount Etna - Italy

Distance: 26.1 mi
Elev. Gained: 8,992 ft
Peak Elev.: 9,180 ft
Avg. Grade: 6.5%

Mount Etna is one of the hardest, most challenging and difficult bike climbs in Italy and the World. This climb goes up an active volcano and the scenery provides an otherworldly feeling.

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