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One of IRONMAN's most scenic courses is also one of its hardest with over 2400 meters of total elevation gain.  The bike course has two major climbs, the Col de l'Ecre (km 40) and the Côte de Coursegoules (km 112) as you ride up into the southern Alps before looping back around to the beach.  IM Nice has the steepest .5km, 1km, 5km, and 10km segments of any 140.6 on earth.

However, the good news is that once you complete the climb to Coursegoules, there are less than 100 meters of climbing for the remainder of the bike - a fast 50 kilometers! The run course is the flattest Ironman run on earth, having only 29 meters of elevation gain over the entire marathon.

This race takes place simultaneously with 70.3 Nice, with the Half Ironman swim starting a couple hours after the full. The two transitions are next to each other.
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We really recommend staying at a hotel within walking distance to Transition for this one. Parking is a nightmare, since in addition to the closed roads and thousands of others trying to find parking, it's also downtown Nice.  Here are a few close parking lots to look for if you get lucky:

Historical Weather:
Summers in nice are generally a hot mediterranean climate, with June afternoons typically in the low to mid 80˚s.  Check the PJAMM Cycling Weather Tool for both current and historic weather data.

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Nice is not only of the most popular vacation destinations in France, but in all of Europe. Nice and nearby Monaco attract over 5 million tourists per year. 

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IRONMAN NICE Bike Course Analysis

Overall Surface Quality:

Outstanding. The French take pride in their mountain roads and it shows.

Significant Ascents:

When we say the bike is tough, we’re not kidding: Out of every Ironman race on earth, Nice owns all of the following:

  • Steepest 500 meters:  9.0%, beginning at km 6.3
  • Steepest 1 km:  6.7%, beginning at km 6.3
  • Steepest 5 km:  6.1%, beginning at km 53.8 (Col de l’Ecre)
  • Steepest 10 km:  4.9%, beginning at km 49 (Col de l’Ecre)

There are two PJAMM ranked Climbs along this course. Neither are anything to fear by themselves, but when put into an Ironman….

Col de l’Ecre (@ km 40)                      -        13km          4.9%        639m gained           3.2 fiets

Côte de Coursegoules (@ km 112)             -    0.4km          3.7%        639m gained           3.2 fiets

There are also three other ascents to be noted:

Climb out of St-Lourent-du-Var (@ km 10)

  • Contains steepest 500m and 1km in any 140.6 on earth
  • Peaks at over 12%

Climb into Andon  (@ km 77)

  • 130 meter climb, biggest roller of the course

Rte de Nice Climb (@ km 137)

  • Last hill on the bike course
  • 2km at 3% grade

Click here to view a full interactive profile of the 112 mile course.

Last year’s fastest times:

Male: Felix Pouilly,  4:52:39 / 23.0mph

Female: Jeanne Tondut,  5:48:13 / 19.2mph

Last year’s median age-grouper times:

Male: 6:17 / 17.8 mph

Female: 7:01 / 15.9 mph

Strava Activity of last year’s Champion (or runner up):



Transition Layout:

Full Map

Obstacles and Other Notes:

  • 2km long technical descent beginning at km 86 (-6%)
  • Technical descent leading into Cote de Coursegoules at km 102
  • Due to the amount of climbing/descending, it’s not uncommon to see people choose to ride road bikes with drop bars + clip on aero bars for this triathlon.

Current / Historical Weather Patterns

Full Interactive Bike Course Profile

Link to main race site:

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