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A beautiful course right next to Algonquin National Park in Canada. This area is known for rolling hills, dense forests, and thousands upon thousands of lakes.

70.3 Muskoka is a half distance triathlon located in Huntsville, Canada. The swim is 1.9 km, bike is 90 km, and the run is 21.1 km. Use the profile tool, route maps, weather forecast, and other tools on this page to more efficiently and effectively train for your race.

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Athletes and spectators park at Lions Lookout Parking area (this field) (8 minute walk to transition)

Historical Weather:
Usually hot, lots of mosquitos, and HUMID. Exceptionally humid. Check the PJAMM Cycling Weather Tool for current and historic weather data.

70.3 Muskoka Homepage
Local Tri Shops:

Local Public Pools:

Popular open water swim areas:
- Boat Dock** (race venue) 
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   70.3 Muskoka

Bike Course Recon                                                                        

Overall Surface Quality: 

Average - well paved and smooth in most sections, but some of course is weathered rural roads

Significant Ascents:

This bike course is characterized by one thing and only one thing: ROLLERS.  With over 1100 meters climbed but only a range in 110m of elevation, this is the rolliest 70.3 bike in the world.  If you’re not built for a constant up and down, you’re going to have a… fun time on the bike.

You can tell by just looking, this profile looks like the blade of a hacksaw:

Only 1/3 of the 90km course is flat (falls within the range of -1% to 1% grade). These hills are very short, but can get extremely steep, just look at hill #1.  Since there are only a couple turns on the whole course (out and back) we’ll mainly cover the hills here, and since there are more than you can keep track of, we’ve made a table with the locations of the important ones for you to print out and tape to your top tube or stem (see at bottom).

Snapshot of profile and Google Streetview below:

1)  @ km 1.0        Length: 200m,    21m gained,    19.6% peak gradient

2)  @ km 2.9        Length: 200m,    12m gained,    10.9% peak gradient

3)  @ km 5.4        Length: 950m,    36m gained,    7.4% peak gradient

4)  @ km 7.2        Length: 770m,    46m gained,    14.6% peak gradient

5)  @ km 8.2        Length: 200m,    10m gained,    7.2% peak gradient

6)  @ km 10.8        Length: 750m,    49m gained,    13.0% peak gradient

7)  @ km 15        Length: 350m,    18m gained,    9.9% peak gradient

8)  @ km 17.4        Length: 180m,    10m gained,    9.1% peak gradient  

9)  @ km 18.0        Length: 600m,    20m gained,    9.1% peak gradient

10)  @ km 19.6        Length: 240m,    17m gained,    10.3% peak gradient

11)  @ km 23.5        Length: 250m,    14m gained,    9.9% peak gradient

12)  @ km 40.2        Length: 550m,    19m gained,    7.1% peak gradient

13)  @ km 42.8        Length: 950m,    27m gained,    7% peak gradient

14)  @ km 44.5        Length: 520m,    22m gained,    6.3% peak gradient

15)  @ km 46        Length: 370m,    16m gained,    7.4% peak gradient

16)  @ km 50        Length: 500m,    19m gained,    7.1% peak gradient

17)  @ km 51.5        Length: 760m,    23m gained,    7% peak gradient

18)  @ km 53.3        Length: 580m,    26m gained,    8.3% peak gradient

19)  @ km 63.1        Length: 280m,    12m gained,    7.3% peak gradient

20)  @ km 66        Length: 330m,    14m gained,    7% peak gradient

21)  @ km 69.3        Length: 850m,    38m gained,    8.4% peak gradient

22)  @ km 71        Length: 175m,    9m gained,    10% peak gradient

23)  @ km 72.2        Length: 250m,    18m gained,    12.5% peak gradient

24)  @ km 72.6        Length: 340m,    24m gained,    11.3% peak gradient

25)  @ km 73.9        Length: 800m,    44m gained,    11.7% peak gradient

26)  @ km 76.7        Length: 600m,    17m gained,    7.3% peak gradient

27)  @ km 83.8        Length: 360m,    18m gained,    10.8% peak gradient

28)  @ km 88.2        Length: 480m,    18m gained,    8.3% peak gradient

29)  @ km 88.9        Length: 490m,    20m gained,    10% peak gradient

Click here to view a full interactive profile of the 56 mile course.

Now of course there’s no way for you to remember all of those, let alone when you’re 65km into the course and in excruciating pain, so here’s a table of the major hills to print out and tape to your top tube:

(numbers are rounded up)

General Map of Transition

Obstacles and Other Notes:

  • Due to the amount of climbing/descending, it’s not uncommon to see people choose to ride road bikes with drop bars + clip on aero bars for this triathlon.

Current / Historical Weather Patterns

Full Interactive Bike Course Profile

Link to main race site:


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