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Fred Whitton Challenge

United Kingdom

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Climb Summary

Ride 114 miles (184 kilometers)  gaining 11,119’ (3,389 meters)

The Fred Whitton Saddleback Challenge - established 1999:

“The Fred Whitton Challenge is one of the most popular sportives in the UK and is also famed as being particularly difficult. Dubbed ‘The Daddy of them all’ by Cycling Weekly, riders rank it alongside European events such as the Marmotte in terms of difficulty. The ride is a real challenge and everyone who completes it has a true sense of achievement. The Saddleback Fred Whitton Challenge is a charity event in honour of the late Fred Whitton who was a great advocate for cycle sport in Cumbria and North Lancashire. It is with respect to Fred and his ideals that the event remains just that, ‘a challenge’.”

The top climbs on this route are, in their order along the route:


Cycling Kirkstone from Ambleside (The Struggle) - aerial view of one-lane, stone wall lined road winding through countryside hills, sheep grazing in pastures

Kirkstone from the south

Ride 5.1 kilometers gaining 289 meters at 5.6% average grade.

This is a tough and well known climb in the Lake District.  This is the first challenging hill of the annual Fred Whitton Saddle Back Challenge, one of the most popular sportives in the UK.  PJAMM Fred Whitton Challenge Climb Page

Cycling Kirkstone from Ambleside (The Struggle) - road sign for Kirkstone along a stone wall, white building with sign noting Kirkstone Pass Inn with PJAMM Cycling bike and jersey propped up against it, road winding through countryside hills, sign for 20% grade and advertising hazardous winter conditions


Cycling Honister Pass from Seatoller

Ride 2.3 kilometers gaining 251 meters at 10.9% average grade.



Moss Force waterfall at the pass

1.9 kilometers at 11.1%


Ride 3.5 kilometers at 5.9%


Cycling Hardknott Pass #84 Simon Warren 100 Greatest Cycling Climbs  - bike leaning against 30% steep grade sign, rock wall, roadway, 100 Greatest Cycling Climbs logo 

Cycling Hardknott Pass West

Ride 3.2 kilometers gaining 314 meters at 9.8% average grade.


Ride 3.2 kilometers at 5.8%