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4.5 mi
2,016 ft
8.5 %



As with Mt. Hamilton West five miles north, there are some extraordinary views to the west of San Jose and the Silicon Valley on this challenging and top Santa Clara County bike climb. 
After an initial 1.5 mile start that varies between -1% and 8%, the final three miles of this climb are fairly steadily between 8-11%.  The steepest quarter-mile of the climb is 13.5% and there is a continuous mile beginning at mile 3.2 that averages 13%.  42% of this ascent is at ≥10% grade.
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Roadway:  Narrow with no shoulder and as of 2019, the roadway was in good condition.  

Traffic:  Mild.

Parking:  On weekends park at Evergreen High School at the start of the climb, or on the street near it: MapStreet View.  
There are no provisions along this bike climb.  
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While in the area, consider other great climbs nearby - see PJAMM's climbs in Santa Clara County.  When traveling to the Santa Clara County to cycle, you might choose to stay in Saratoga or Santa Cruz. There are also great options for house rentals in the area.

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Difficulty: Challenging



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Jun 3, 2021
difficulty: Challenging
scenery: 3
traffic: 4
road: 3
Jun 3, 2021
scenery: 3
traffic: 4
road: 3
The climb pretty much increases in intensity. The last mile was the most grueling for me. Even with a 1:1 gear ratio and a 3.7 w/kg ftp, I found myself quite strained to get to the top. There are some less steep bits where you can spin a bit to recover. It is quite technical descent as there are very steep hairpins, so I do not recommend descending from Quimby Rd. Instead, decent down 130 or Clayton Rd!
Jun 1, 2021
difficulty: Moderate
scenery: 3
traffic: 4
road: 3
Jun 1, 2021
scenery: 3
traffic: 4
road: 3
Really like this climb. Takes you away from city bustle through classic switchbacks and solid grade. Use it to get to Mt Hamilton if needed and it is an interesting descent.

Climb Profile Not Found

Cycling Quimby Road, Santa Clara County, CA

Ride 4.5 miles gaining 2,017’ at 8.5% average grade.

Climb summary by PJAMM’s John Johnson.

This is a steep and challenging climb out of the Silicon Valley into a very rural area on a narrow road with minimal traffic.  We begin our climb in a suburban area near Quimby High School in East San Jose, but at the 1.1 mile mark we cross Murillo Avenue and are soon into an eclectic mix of ranchland together with the occasional Silicon Valley mansion.  If you leave in the early morning as we did, you’ll encounter roosters crowing, along with cows and horses grazing.  

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Bike climb Quimby Road - aerial drone photo of San Jose and Silicon Valley

The Quimby Road bicycle climb ends at Joseph D. Grant County Park -- the largest of 28 county parks owned by Santa Clara County.  Quimby Road is in the Diablo Range of the Pacific Coast Mountain Range.

Windy road - no problem on the ascent, but . . .

. . . caution comin down . . . .


Reminds us a bit of a sign on Alto de Letras, Colombia

Bicycle climb of Quimby Road - horses and roadway, fields

This climb gets rural quick.  

  Bike ride up Quimby Road - roadway and windmill

Top of the climb.

There are excellent views of the Silicon Valley and San Jose to our west as we quickly rise out of the valley (because of the elevation gain, not our speed, that's for sure!).  Along with the first sections of
Mt. Hamilton Road West and Sierra Road in Santa Clara County, this climb provides the best views of the Silicon Valley from its eastern side.  

Bicycle climb of Quimby Road - horses and roadway, fields

Cycling  Quimby Road - PJAMM Tayler Hockett on bike with San Jose in background

PJAMM’s Tayler Hockett at the top of Quimby Road.

Descent:  The downhill on this one is technical and steep with very sharp turns/switchbacks that come up on you quickly, so descend with caution.

Roadway Surface and Traffic Report: The roadway is two lanes with a double yellow center stripe the entire climb.  There is minimal traffic along this route and it is safe for cyclists.  

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