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Marshall Wall East


Beautiful climb through northern Marin range land

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Climb Summary


Spectacular scenery as we climb, with beautiful colors during springtime.


We ride exclusively through cattle, dairy and sheep pastures on this climb.

Finish of Marshall Wall East.


Finish just below the bottom of the photo.

Mt. St. Helena top right of photo.  

Do not seek these climbs out for a significant challenge, as the term "Wall" to describe these ascents is a bit of a misnomer.  The Marshall Walls are tame by comparison to other more appropriately named climbs in the North Bay (such as Rancheria and Pine Flat Walls).

This is a mild climb.

Traffic/Roadway Surface:  There is very little traffic along this rural, narrow, two-lane roadway, but you may encounter very large milk transport trucks (slideshow,  above) -- this is dairy country, after all!  As with most of the Marin County roads, this one is in great shape.  

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