Cycling Adelaide and South Australia

Greenhill Road
Mount Lofty
Coach House Drive & Woodland Way
Corkscrew Road
Cherryville - Fenhurst Road
Coach Road / Skye
Mount Lofty - 2023 TDU Start
Mount Lofty (via Crafers Bikeway)
Crafers Bikeway
Kensington Road Lookout

Climb List: South Australia
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Climb summary by PJAMM’s Brad Butterfield.

There are some special pockets of the world which tick all of the boxes and create an unparalleled cycling experience. The obvious chart toppers like the French Alps and the Dolomites in Italy come quick to mind. Now though, after a week riding the twisting ribbon roads surrounding the Adelaide region in South Australia, I’m confident that Adelaide will soon be on every cyclist's bucket list. The city itself sits offset from the coastline, backing up onto the hills that provide the perfect growing conditions for South Adelaide’s famed wines. Adelaide itself was very easy to navigate through as I rode from my hotel, through the central city each day to ride the climb. Not one time did a car pass to close or honk in anger. On any given day you are sure to see hundreds of other friendly cyclists out there enjoying the road. Cycling has clearly boomed in Adelaide and there is a bike shop on nearly every corner to show for proof.

I really enjoyed how each climb in the area brings something unique to the table. Corkscrew road with its violent twists sits out in the Old Country. The way of life out that way doesn’t seem to have changed much from when it was first settled in the 1800’s.

Each year, the first event in the pro cycling season happens in Adelaide, South Australia: The Tour Down Under

photo collage; road signs for Corkscrew Road; winding road signs, eucalyptus trees, PJAMM Cycling Australia jersey

Cycling Corkscrew Road, Southern Australia

Ride 5 kilometers gaining 370 meters at 7.4% average grade.

On the Notorious Norton summit, you’ll pass multi-million dollar estates which produce some of the world's most coveted wines, wine views of the city and ocean below for much of the ride to the summit.

bike and PJAMM Cycling Australia jersey parked against road sign for Norton Summit Road; PJAMM cyclist gives hang loose sing in front of road sign reading "Pass Cyclists Safely"

Cycling Norton Summit, Adelaide, Australia

Ride 8 kilometers gaining 347 meters at 4.2% average grade.

Or, opt for a tour of some of the brutally steep neighborhood roads like Coach Road or the Kensington Road lookout. Likely one or two cars will pass you on the Neighborhood climbs, as they dead end and it is all local, friendly traffic.

panoramic view looking down from Skye Lookout to Adelaide below

Cycling Coach Road to Skye Lookout, Adelaide, Australia

Ride 3 kilometers gaining 274 meters at 9.1%

photo collage shows street sign for Kensington Road; views overlooking city below; bike parked next to street sign reading "Road Ends Next 50 m"

bike parked against stone wall reading "100 years of Anzac Lookout, 100 years of Anzac"

Cycling Kensington Road Lookout, Wattle Park, Australia

Ride 1.4 kilometers gaining 176 meters at 13.1% average grade.

The Adelaide area and South Australia is also home to the Tour Down Under:

“Every year in January, the cycling world shifts its focus to Adelaide for the Tour Down Under. The first WorldTour race of the season is in its 18th edition and continues to grow in popularity with pros and spectators alike. In recent years, the Tour Down Under has incorporated some famous climbs around Adelaide that are now bucket list items for cyclists to tick off while they are in town.”

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