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Onion Valley Rd
Horseshoe Meadows Road
White Mountain
Whitney Portal
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Death Valley Road (West)

Climb List: Glacier Lodge - Owens Valley Tours
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Cycling the Owens Valley

 Indisputably one of the greatest bike climbing areas in the world.

TD Sportswear’s Glacier Lodge complimentary Owens Valley Tours Jersey.

Glacier Lodge is the center of the Owens Valley cycling universe.


Note:  This is a very ambitious schedule and you may prefer (and are welcome) to do just one climb on any given day.  For those preferring one climb on a given day (or all days, for that matter 😉), you are welcome to bring your car to the start of the climbs and return to base (well, 8,000’) camp after the first climb of the day (PJAMM may be able to provide SAG back on some of the days).

 Day 1:

Rock Creek (20.7 miles, 5,866’ to elevation 10,233’ at 5.1%)

 Pine Creek (Ride 8.8 miles, 3,194’ to elevation 7,834’ at 6.9%). 

 Day 2:

White Mountain (20.3 miles, 6,392’ to elevation 10,119’ at 5.8%).

 Death Valley Road West (13.7 miles, 3,709’ to elevation 7,665’ at 5.1%).  

 Day 3:

Onion Valley (12.9 miles, 5,275’ to elevation 9,220’ at 7.8%)

 Glacier Lodge (9.9 miles 3,700’ to elevation 7,728’ at 7.1%).

 Day 4:

 Whitney Portal (11.4 miles, 4,556’ to elevation 8,358’ at 7.6%).

Breakfast at Whitney Portal grill.

Horseshoe Meadows (19.2, 6,582’ to elevation 10,043’ at 6.2%) 


For our May 27 to June 1 program, you have the option of only riding, riding and running, or only running.  From Glacier Lodge there are several trails that provide great trail runs and training, exceptional views, and scenery and altitude training/adjustment (7,800’ to 12,400’).  There are five routes from two to nine miles.

For triathletes, doing the first bike ride of the day then returning to Glacier Lodge for a wilderness run at altitude is a great option. Accomplished triathlete Tayler Hockett will lead the runs.  


We will stay at Glacier Lodge for five nights (six if you are interested in the climb to White Mountain Peak).  This is a great place to stay for a number of reasons: (a) we are at 7,728’ which is perfect for acclimating for high altitude climbs, (b) it is a very cool place to stay -- we catch our own trout in the pond, which are cooked by Darrin, the extremely hospitable owner of the facility, (c) the surroundings are gorgeous, and (d) the cost is extremely fair. The accommodations are hostel-style (you have your own bed, but you may share a cabin with others of our group).  We will adjust accommodations to house groups together.  

These are rustic cabins and, while they have heat, kitchens, bathrooms, showers and hot water -- this ain’t the Ritz!  We do love the area and the picturesque, homey feel of this venue which is why we have staked our cycling claim here.  


One of the Glacier Lodge cabins.


Darrin also caters and will provide breakfast and dinner for each of us (and lunch at an extra cost for those that may want to take a day or two off from cycling, or who do one climb in a day and return by 1 pm to our base camp). Another unique opportunity at Glacier Lodge is the trout pond which is stocked weekly and guarantees a trout per day which Darrin will cook for us at no charge -- great for breakfast and/or dinner.  

The trout pond.

Darrin will clean and cook our catch.  👍🐟🔥🍴😋

PJAMM will provide SAG food (fruit, peanut butter, jelly, bagels and water; bring your own energy bars and gels) and sandwiches (from Subway or the like).  


Each participant will receive their own web/app page (permits blogging, photo uploads, and ride/climb progress in real time for friends and family to follow).  John will create a photo folder and video for each rider and send that to them via DropBox soon after the trip is finished.  Finally, John has designed PJAMM jerseys for this event and each participant will receive one (more jerseys and shorts, jackets or vests will be available for purchase as well).  


For lodging, all meals, SAG support, an event jersey, personal website (no charge), use of the PJAMM App (no charge), photos (no charge) and personalized video (no charge), the cost is $1,050 for four days/five nights.


Tuesday October 20 to Monday October 26 - filled - accepting backup reservations in the event of a cancellation.  Our next tour will be May, 2021 - contact us if you are interested.  

Email or text me at 707 292-4900 (due to the crushing volume of Robo calls, I do not answer unknown cell calls).

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