Georgia - Top Bike Climbs

Bell Mountain
Brasstown Bald
Jacks Gap East
Hogpen Gap West
Fort Mountain West
Hogpen Gap East
Fort Mountain East
Wolfpen Gap East
Burnt Mountain East
Unicoi Gap South

Climb List: Georgia
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Brasstown Bald plaque

Cycling Georgia

Photo: Brasstown Bald, the second hardest climb in Georgia.

Waffle house, Georgia Capitol Building, stone sign reads "Welcome to Georgia", sign reads "were' glad Georgia's on your mind"

Full admission - I fully understand that the Waffle House is not really a state symbol and it is also wholly inconsistent with the virtues and nutritional focus of cycling.  However, it does hold a favorite place in my heart (and stomach . . . ).  Some of us dads spent a lot of quality time there during our daughters’ Women’s Soccer NCAA Championship matches in 2011 -- thus the exception. 😋

The top bike climbs in Georgia are in the North Georgia Mountains subrange of the Blue Ridge Mountains in northwestern Georgia.  

The top bike climbing event in Georgia is the Six Gap Century, held in the North Georgia Mountains.  The Six Gap Century  involves 103.8 mile/11,230 vertical feet (including Neels Gap, Hogpen Gap, Unicoi Gap, Jacks Gap, Wolfpen Gap, and Woody Gap).  A  route map of the Six Gap Century can be found here.

Georgia's Six Gap Century bike climb, route map



The steepest mile in the United States (17.4%) - and 25th steepest mile in the world - belongs to Bell Mountain in north Georgia. Just a few miles to the south lay some of Georgia’s other top climbs, like Brasstown Bald and Jack’s Gap.



Cycling Brasstown Bald, Georgia - sweeping views of hillsides and mountain ranges from the Brasstown Bald Observation Tower

Cycling Brasstown Bald, Georgia

Ride 2.5 miles gaining 1,388’ at 10.5% average grade.

Brasstown Bald Observation Tower center right of photo.

Brasstown Bald is a popular cycling climb to the highest point in Georgia. This mountain is located in the Blueridge Mountain subrange of the Appalachian Mountains.  On a clear day, you can see Atlanta 75 miles to the southwest from the observation tower at the top of the mountain. This is a brutally steep bike climb with the steepest quarter-mile at 16.6% and the steepest half-mile at 14.1%.

Cycling Brasstown Bald, Georgia - photo collage, PJAMM Cycling logo in corner, cyclist climbing on windy portion of road, Garmin device showing 23% grade, sign for Brasstown Bald Visitor Center Chattahoochee National Forest, cycling riding on roadway next to orange lillies

“Bald” is an Appalachian term for a mountaintop with 360 degree unobstructed views.

Cycling Brasstown Bald, Georgia - Garmin device showing 23% grade, tiny tower can be seen on summit, fall foliage, PJAMM Cycling logo in corner

Cycling Brasstown Bald, Georgia - photo collage, PJAMM Cycling logo in corner, sign for Brasstown Bald, aerial drone views of Brasstown Bald Observation Tower and complex

Brasstown Bald Observation Tower and Complex.



PJAMM Cyclist stands with bike in front of NPS sign for Brasstown Bald Visitor Center

Cycling Jacks Gap, Georgia

Ride 7.7 miles gaining 2,247’ at 5.6% average grade.

Cycling Jacks Gap, Georgia - road signs for Highway 180

This climb ends at the start of the Brasstown Bald Climb.

Cycling Jacks Gap, Georgia - bike parked against Georgia Scenic Byway sign in brush on roadside

This climb is on Georgia Scenic Byway Route 180.



Cycling Hogpen Gap West - road bike with PJAMM Cycling jersey laid out over seat, bike leaning against wooden railing, overlooking lush green ridge lines and mountainside with wildflowers

Cycling Hogpen Gap East

Ride 2.4 miles gaining 1,203’ at 9.5% average grade.

We are surrounded by the lush North Georgia Mountain/Blue Ridge Mountain forest during this challenging and fun bike climb.

Cycling Hogpen Gap West - photo collage, Garmin device showing 18% grade, cyclist riding on road surrounded by lush and dense green foliage, bike leaning against wooden rail overlooking green ridge line with wild flowers in foreground, bike laying in the middle of a two lane road, with PJAMM cycling jersey draped over seat, Appalachian Trail Hogpen Gap US Forestry service sign

The Hogpen Gap climbs are along Richard B. Russell Scenic Highway and end at the Appalachian Trail, which crosses our path at the Gap. This bike climb is in the Blue Ridge Mountain subrange of the Appalachian Mountains and is in the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forest (866,468 acres established in 1936).

Cycling Hogpen West, Georgia - PJAMM Adventure App shows climb grade and profile

PJAMM Adventure App - beginning of Hogpen West climb

The steepest ½ mile on this climb is 11.5% and begins at mile 0.5.

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