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Col d'Aspin - Arreau


Included 52 times in the Tour de France

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Climb Summary

Climb Summary

Photo by Stephen Colebourne

This col has been included in the Tour de France a staggering 52 times since it was first featured in 1947.  Of the its TdF history, Wikipedia writes:

“The pass has been part of the Tour de France 71 times, largely because it is the middle link in a chain of three road climbs, the other links being the Col du Tourmalet (2,115 m (6,939 ft)) and Col de Peyresourde (1,569 m (5,148 ft)). The first time the Col d'Aspin was crossed was in 1910, when the leader over the summit was Octave Lapize.

In the 1950 Tour, there was an altercation at the pass, with bottles and stones being thrown at the riders, and the Italian team with Gino Bartali and Fiorenzo Magni, the leaders at the time, withdrew from the Tour at the end of the stage from Pau to Saint-Gaudens.  It was included in Stage 16 of the 2012 tour.”  

Steepest kilometer begins at km 7.2 (9%)

PJAMM will document Col d’Aspin September, 2018